Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio

This 1983 single peaked around #60 on the charts and its video might be the most claustrophobic one ever filmed.  It looks like the entire thing was filmed in a closet with all the band members forced to stand within inches of each other.  

Some would argue that Wall of Voodoo was not a one-hot wonder as future versions of the band went on to success in Australia, but states-side there was no real mention of the band after Mexican Radio,

See lead singer Stan Ridgway play the song live in 2013 here.

Frank Stallone: Far From Over

In 1983, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever was released and its soundtrack featured this single, as well as other Frank penned songs.  I guess it helps to have your older brother, Sylvester Stallone (cameo in this video), be the writer and director.  Far From Over went top ten, and gave Frank his biggest hit.

Robbie Dupree: Steal Away

This top ten song from 1980 bridges the decades nicely.  While at times this single can be currently heard on Easy Listening stations, it is an 80’s pop song.  Robbie followed this chart success with Hot Rod Hearts that went to #15, but disappeared form the charts by 1982.

As this video from 2012 can attest, Robbie is still in great voice and the song can have an edge if you bring up guitars in the mix!

Rick Springfield: Love Somebody

This @rickspringfield single comes from the 1984 movie Hard to Hold.  Unfortunately, his TV and radio success did not translate into big screen stardom, but this video has plenty of sleeveless shirts, sweat, and earrings for fans.  Rick continues to tour and woo women and at the time of this post, he is probably one of the most fit 64 year-olds on the planet as evidenced by this video.

Little Feat: Let it Roll

This 1988 rock gem from 70’s classic rockers @littlefeattweet was on the album that sent them to the back of the Mainstream rock charts after a decade absence.  Their look is more Doobie Brothers vs 80’s New Wave, but they sold out shows…I can attest to them being extremely tight and talented after seeing them on the tour for Let It Roll and then with BB King years later.  While this video somewhat cops ZZ Top’s classic hot rods and hot chicks theme, it still shows a very talented rock band back enjoying their return to the spotlight.  

The Jets: Crush on You

This single from 1986 cracked the top 5 for this family from Minneapolis, MN.  Electronic drum pads, keyboard guitars, big hair, choreography, etc are all on display in this 80’s performance video.  After a strings of hits their popularity waned, but some version of the band continues to perform to this day.

TBT clip…check them out in 2012 in this video!

Michael Morales- Who Do You Give Your Love To?

This 1989 single from San Antonio, Texas, musician (and brother of former Texas Attorney General Dan Morales) went to #15 on the charts while this video filmed in front of a water wall played on MTV.  Morales also had a hit with a cover of the Romantic’s  What I Like About You.  He still teaches musicians and performs around San Antonio…here is a video of him playing this live in 2013 (starts at around 3:37.)

Traveling Wilburys:  End of the Line

This unlikely supergroup of George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, and Bob Dylan had this single hit #2 on the mainstream rock chart in 1989.  The video is nothing special other than a performance on a train with a nod to Orbison’s passing prior to filming. Harrison would be the next to pass away, but it is amazing how very little has changed about the remaining three members.